Books & Gifts Celebrating the Human Spirit

Books & Gifts Celebrating the Human Spirit


Psychics & Services

Here at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore we offer a variety of psychic and metaphysical services. As with any service, we strive to help you find someone you can trust. If for any reason a connection cannot be fully established, clients will have the opportunity to choose another professional. It is our mission to provide a sacred space for personal transformation through:


All sessions are designed to help bring you clarity in your daily life and spiritual growth. We provide experienced professionals who are committed to assisting others to higher awareness.


We support an environment of integrity with clear pricing and by holding all sessions in strictest confidence. If for any reason a connection cannot be fully established, clients will have the opportunity to choose another professional.


Each psychic will approach your individual situation with compassion and understanding. Our professionals are dedicated to providing clear and consistent insight, in the most loving and gentle way.



Tarot/Oracle Card Reader • Candle Work

More About Tori

Tori, better known as TarotXGoddess, is a Psychic Tarot reader using both Tarot and Oracle cards to get the answers each client needs.

Tori has assisted many clients on their journey through their spiritual development and giving them the direction needed in love, career, money, and home life, but most importantly the “self”, to move forward with spirit. Guiding clients through their journey is one of Tori’s greatest gifts and has received ongoing public recognition through her social media platform following due to her gifts.

Tori also specializes in candlework services and has been doing so publicly for the past five (5) years assisting others with securing finances, application approvals, and so on. Tori can provide clients with instructions during each session to attract and call in their many desires using various spiritual tools.

Nothing is impossible in this life to obtain because we already have it. You have to have faith in your own personal development, your journey, and the power you hold as your own magician in this life. Tori loves what she does and makes it a point to give each client their own personal experience with each session being different from the next.

Readings are: 1/2 hr. $85, 3/4 hr. $110

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.



Intuitive • Tarot • Pendulum • Releasing Work

More About Merry

Crystal Combinations for Your Life Path

Explore the patterns in your life and how they will unfold into your future with psychic, medium and tarot reader Merry Bisogna. Naturally intuitive since childhood, Merry has many God-given gifts. These abilities enable her to connect with her guardian angels and spirit guides as well as those that have passed beyond this physical dimension.

Merry deepens her readings using meditation, prayer, the tarot and pendulum as tools that provide guidance to her clients. Merry’s sincere wish for every reading is to gently lead her clients to a greater level of peace and understanding in their spiritual lives while ultimately serving their highest and greatest good.

Merry was ordained a minister by Colin Tipping, the author of Radical Forgiveness, and trained in mediumship with James Van Praagh. Merry has a background in counseling and has been a student of the I Am Discourses for over 10 years.

Other Services: Guidance with the \”I AM”\Discourses.

Readings are: 1/2 hr. $75, 3/4 hr. $100, 1 hr. $125

*Prepayment Required

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.



Psychic Intuitive • Clairvoyant • Clairsentient • Clairaudient • Pet Work

More About Erin

Clarity for action.

I believe that now is the perfect time for each individual to gain clarity so they may move into the life they desire. Our lives are so busy and complicated that it is difficult to get to the core of what we truly desire. Every relationship, situation and job triggers you emotionally, psychically and spiritually. And guess what? It’s constantly shifting and changing. So how can I help you understand what is happening in your life? And how can I assist you in navigating these challenges so you are living an aware and fulfilled life.

Over 25 years as a professional reader has fine-tuned my ability to read the energy of people and situations. My readings are intended to provide clarity for action in your life. I connect with your guides, angels or teachers and consciously channel the information directly to you. This information is not filtered through my opinions or judgments – it comes directly from Source.

I connect with your guides, angels or teachers and channel direct information. This information is not filtered through my opinions or judgments – it comes straight from Source.

Pet Communication.
When a pet passes, we seek closure. I connect with the energy of pets that have crossed over to help the human client understand the depth and reason for the connection.

I connect with your pet to help address behavioral issues. I specialize in working with rescued pets that have experienced trauma or neglect. By connecting to your pet’s energy, I can see from your pet’s perspective and help identify the origins of behavioral issues and offer solutions and strategies.

Readings are: 1/2 hr. $85, 3/4 hr. $110, 1 hr. $135

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.



Artist • Astrologer • Psychic • Tarot Reader • Sound Healing Practitioner • Teacher

More About Rachel

Rachel uses her knowledge of cards and stars to empower others who share an affinity for the energy of the cosmos. Find answers in a tarot reading or astrological interpretation such as a natal chart, progressed chart or current transit reading. Gain insight into the astrology of relationships from romantic partnerships to professional relationships and friendships.

What is a Moon Reading? Moon astrology reflects a part of the inner being— a hidden part of ourselves that we sometimes become disconnected from. The Moon speaks of things and situations needed in order to feel nurtured and safe. A person’s moon sign can indicate where they go to find comfort or how they are inclined to react on an instinctual level.The Moon reflects emotional awareness, or the emotional body, at any particular time and it continually changes over the course of a lifetime. Discover how a Moon Reading can reveal insights into your past, present, and future.

*Rachel’s readings will be by phone only, temporarily.

Readings are: 1/4 hour $40, 1/2 hour $75, 3/4 hour $110, 1 hour $140
Natal Chart: $75
Energy Portrait: $75 (5×7)

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.



Channel • Precognition • Tarot Cards • Candle Readings and Dressing

More About Micel

Micel connects directly to the Akashic Records and channels direct messages from your guides and your divine spirit.

She works on clearing up past wounds that may still be held within the body which may bring to light Mother – Father line blockages, Ancestral wounds and Masculine/Feminine imbalances to be cleared and rebalanced re-aligning you to your current now space enabling you to better navigate and manifest the future you desire.

She gives guidance on how to navigate future changes as you ascend on your path which include increasing your abundance, improving your relationships, and provides spiritual guidance on how to work through emotional hardships in terms of alleviating any symptoms of depression, anxiety, and will clear up any other goal focusing issues or obstacles you may have.

Micel also specializes in the Twin Flame journey and channels direct messages from the Twin Flame oversoul – she is a direct channel for both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. She offers readings for individuals and couples and can assist you and your partner in eliminating any confusion you both may be having on your path — guiding you back to wholeness and balance on your journey together.

She also offers custom candle dressings to clear out any energetic blockages in manifesting future desired outcomes concerning finances, prosperity, love, career, homelife etc. and can also dress a candle for mood remedy purposes such as mood elevation, decreasing anxiety etc. as well as dress your candle to clear out negative energy both within the body and environmentally whether it be in your work space or home space.

Readings are: 15 min. $40, 30 min. $80, 45 min. $110, 60 min. $150
Reading for couples: 45 min. $150
Candle Reading and Dressing: $45 – *mini reading to determine candle need then dresses a client-purchased, 7 day candle

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.



Mystic Mentor • Energy Healing • Intuitive • Tarot and Oracle Cards

More About Imber

Imber uses practical magick and energy coaching to support you through change.

A Mystic Mentor session focuses on your unique intentions. A session can include Tarot, Oracle, Moon Cycles, Chakra alignment, Animal Energy, Herbs, and Gemstones, or other modalities. A personalized journey each time.

Imber inspires you by creating action steps and metaphysical tools to use for your specific needs. Learn when and how to use them. She identifies the personal strengths necessary for you to manifest and overcome challenges like a warrior.

What CHANGE are you experiencing right now?

ENERGETIC PROTECTION = Energy vampires / Empowerment / Boundaries /Confidence / Attitude
LOVE = Relationships / Self Love / Home / Family & Friends
SUCCESS = Prosperity / Abundance / Career goals or changes / $ Goals
EMOTIONAL HEALING = Pet Loss & Grief / Anticipatory Pet Loss / Life changes
GOOD HEALTH = Physical health goals / Healthy habits
PEACE = Spiritual growth / Pleasure / Life changes

Find clarity and confidence whether you’re New to mystical practices and need guidance or a Manifestation Expert but feel stuck.

Readings are: 1/4 hr. $44, 1/2 hr. $75, 3/4 hr. $100, 1 hr. $125

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 – no emails, please.

Visiting Psychics

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore is home to some of the best psychics in the country. We also offer opportunities for our customers to spend time with psychics from outside the metro Atlanta region. Check back often to see who will be visiting and when they will be available.





More About Marilyn

The New World opens in 2024 and 2025. Come Read with Marilyn DuMont to gain Knowledge of your Chart in the New World.

We will talk about how your chart reflects the new life and a regeneration of information coming back to the Earth from times long ago. Knowing how the timing of certain alignments reflects on your life this year will help you weather the change more smoothly.

Readings are: 1/2 hour: $75; 3/4 hour: $100; 1 hour: $125

Please give your birth date, place, and time when you call for a reservation.

*Prepayment Required
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Voyager Tarot

More About James

Consultations with James Wanless, Ph. D give you archetypal, memorable, and a deep symbolic picture-story for motivated, activated living.

James Wanless is known as the “Pathmaker of the Times”. This 70+ year-young futurist, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur has created a unique formula for successfully navigating our changing, uncertain, complex and demanding world.

Readings are: 1/2 hour: $100; 1 hour: $150

Please give your birth date, place, and time when you call for a reservation.

*Prepayment Required
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Aura Photography / Readings

More About Auraweaver

AuraWeaver is a specialty photography experience company. Clients receive an aura photo of themselves surrounded by their colorful energy and an interpretation of their photo by our readers.

The Aura is a physical representation of your Astral body through color. Through biofeedback technology, you will have a chance to see your Aura! Each color has its own representation to help guide you to a better understanding of your being. PRETTY COOL HUH?

Single photo: $75

Couples Special $160 (3 photos for 2 people)

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