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Sara Amis


If you would like a reading with Selket please call the Phoenix and Dragon at 404-255-5207.

Egyptian Spirituality, Energy Reading,
Writing Divination, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle.


Selket is a descendant of a long line of gifted individuals whose abilities have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. Through her work as a qualified psychic and spiritual coach, she has channeled her gifts to provide support and guidance to her clients. From a very young age, Selket was aware that she possessed unique abilities and intuition that others did not, which led her to discover her path through Egyptian spirituality.


As an Empath, Selket can identify the emotional needs of her clients with her ability to sense and read energy. She is effective in assisting any in need of emotional healing, those seeking clarity in their lives, and those who have experienced and suffer loss.


Selket calls upon the spirituality and aspects of the Egyptian deities through her use of Egyptian oracle cards, acting as a vessel for the divine wisdom and guidance that lead to personal and spiritual growth, a greater sense of self-love and empowerment, and balance in the physical world regardless of the individual paths of her clients. She also incorporates the use of the pendulum to aid her clients with questions and concerns. Her unique ability allows Selket to see the path of her clients -- both past, present, and future -- and allows her to help clear their paths of obstacles and that which no longer serves them so they may find their way to a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling state of being.


She also works with the chakras and energy patterns of the spirit and physical body. Selket can sense where one may need help and through the use of energy work she can restore balance, unblock energies, and offer guidance and healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Selket is available for Home Blessings and Energy Clearing. Clean, positive energy in the home facilitates personal growth and change as well as reduces stress, anxiety, and improves sleep.



30min - $75, 45min - $100, 1hr - $125


Selket is able to see Chakras and Energy patterns of the Spirit body. She can sense where you may need help, offer guidance and exercises to unblock energies, and be more balanced spiritually.
$125 for a one-hour session


Selket is available for Home Blessings and Energy Clearing.
$125 + appropriate materials as needed.


*No charge for travel within 15 miles of the store.
**There may be an additional fee if outside the 15-mile radius, based on the client’s location. Call to discuss options.


Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 - no emails, please.