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Our Products


Books and Media
Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore takes great pride in finding and providing for your the latest, innovative metaphysical and spiritual books. From Eastern Studies to Christianity, New Science to Kabbalah, we have books covering a wide range of subjects and perspectives. But we don't stop there - Cook Books, Art Books, Alternate Health, Yoga, Women's Issues, Children's Books and the list goes on and on. Our Bookstore is an experience for anyone who loves books or is seeking an answer.


An aroma for every mood; a scent for every occasion. Whether you need colored tapers, chakra candles or magical pillars we have a vast array of candles to stimulate the senses and enlighten the soul. Aromatherapy candles are specifically blended to support and facilitate healing experiences from within. Seven day candles highlight your prayers and petitions or simply provide an exotic and sacred ambience. Or perhaps you simply want a candle that will fill your home with a wonderful and soothing scent. We stock candles by Crystal Journey, Coventry Creations, Mystic Elements and more.


Bring the sounds of nature into your home or office. The harmonies of well-tuned windchimes beckon the spirit of happiness into a home.


Clothing and Textiles
Clothing to celebrate the Goddess in you! Scarves and cloaks, tapestries and pouches. Whether you are gracing an altar with silk or adorning your wardrobe with velvet, we have an array of lush fabrics to meet your needs. Japanese Kimono and elegant burnt velvet jackets. We have beaded leather shaman bags, as well as a wall of various velvet, leather, and cloth pouches of all colors. Professionally created velvet cloaks come in an array of colors and sizes, as do our other magical dresses and shirts. Choose one of our Celtic knotwork tapestries, astrology-print blankets or silky pillows: make your home your temple.


Color and Chakras
Fill a colored bottle with oil; light a blue candle to soothe your nerves. Color and chakra correspondences are an effective way to alter your mood, find healing or charge your intentions. "Chakra" is a term used in Kundalini Yoga, and now often in metaphysics in general, to describe the seven primary energy centers of the body. Each of these centers resonates with a color in the spectrum, and working with color can energy and balance your chakras.


Whether you need to bring a little love into your life with a rose quartz, or find protection from negativity with a smokey quartz, you can meet your needs for meditation and visualization. Our crystal wall of over 40 feet showcases the largest selection and variety in the Southeast. Nature's art in all sizes and shapes: polished spheres, obelisks and raw specimens. From a handful of tumbled stones you can keep in your pocket, to large and beautiful pieces that would be suitable for a conference table, or a hall.

feng shui

Feng Shui
Bring prosperity, love and harmony into your home, business and life. Lucky cats and 3-legged frogs, daruma dolls to help you achieve a goal. We look high and low for interesting aditions to our line of Feng Shui items. By using Feng Shui, the art of placement, you can alter the energy of an area, a situation, or your own sense of balance. Feng Shui tools include charms, baguas, mirrors, compasses and Fu Dogs.


To sit beside a beautiful fountain and enjoy the sounds of moving water is one of the purest joys we can experience. The soothing flow and gentle melodic splashes of a fountain can change an entire room. We offer specially crafted fountains, uncommon and hand-created. Bring a truly essential pleasure into your home or garden.


Herbs and Incense
In ancient times incense was reserved for royalty, but now resins and high quality incense blends are accessible to all.  We have a vast array of sticks, cones and resins along with a great selection of loose herbs and powders. We carry Fred Soll's, Essential Essences, Maroma, Ramakrishnananda, Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Hem and many more.  From heavily fragranced traditional Indian and Tibetan dhoop to subtle, clean burning Japanese incense and everything in between, we have incense for your every occasion. We also have a wonderful selection of incense burners and accessories to complement any decor. Please ask us for a recommendation!


Light up your wardrobe and your day with meaningful jewelry. Silver Celtic knotwork pendants and earrings, and gemstones of every kind. We have jewelry that is exotic and magical, with a spectrum of semi-precious stones, and also current and versatile.


Holiday gifts and beautiful décor. Menorahs, Kiddush cups, mezuzahs, boxes candle holders, hamsas, and more. We have gifts from beautiful Jerusalem Stone quarried from Israel and carved by Holy Land Stone Company.


Lamps and Nightlights
Light up the night with ambience. Exotic oil lamps, graceful lithophane nightlights from the fairy realms, Tiffany stained glass. Illuminate and enchant your home with a dragon lamp, or a lamp made out of quartz!


Massage and Yoga Tools
Bring mind and body together to relax and maintain health. Sensuous massage oils and tools for practitioners, or for home use. Zafu cushions of many colors, stuffed with buckwheat and other fillings.


Meditation and Ritual Tools
Enter your deep and spiritual inner world and resonate with brass singing bowls. Enhance your mantras with malas and mandalas.


We offer magical oil blends, wearable perfumes and the best quality pure essential oils. Whether you are creating your own fragrance or magical blend, looking for a seductive aroma or supplementing your holistic regimen we have plenty to choose from. We carry many quality lines including Snow Lotus organic oils, Sun's Eye, Kate's Magik and many more. Carrier oils and colorful bottles are available for mixing your own blends and our many beautiful oil diffusers offer a unique way to scent your home or office.

recovery books

Recovery Books and Gifts
We have a beautiful and growing recovery section, with recovery chips for different years, displays and keychains for tokens and more. We also carry several different serenity prayer creations and inspirational jewelry in unique and beautiful expressions.

stained glass

Stained Glass
Stained glass can change a room. From lovely suncatchers and window hangings to larger art pieces, we have colorful glass of all kinds to catch your eye, and the light of the sun. Gorgeous designs by Glassmasters, orbs and more by Kitras. Glass hex signs, hearts and pentacles.


Goddesses and Gods, Buddhas and Wall Plaques all await to adorn your sacred spaces, altars and mantles. Celtic and Egyptian statues, Hindu Gods, Fairies, Animals, Wizards... a wide variety of traditions and interests are represented.

tarot cards

Tarot and Oracles
We have hundreds of tarot decks and oracles available within the store and for order.


Tiny treasures and good luck charms for the pocket, desk and car! Angel coins, crystal hearts... devil ducks and prosperity pigs. Sweet adornments and additions to a gift box, or as stocking stuffers.