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Michael Gabriel West, CN

Michael Gabriel West















Astrologer and Certified Numerologist

Michael Gabriel West is a Astrologer and certified Numerologist. He has over 15 years experience as a astronumerical consultant. In 2005 he graduated from The Connaissance School of Numerology in London, United Kingdom with a certification in Esoteric Numerology. Michael Gabriel West, CN is a member of The Association International de Numerologues (The International Association of Numerologists) and The American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.


Astrology and Numerology Readings


Natal Chart Evaluations (½ hr - $75)
Shines light upon your life as whole and gives a glimpse of future possibilities.


Name & Birthday Evaluations (½ hr - $75)
I define the meaning of your full birth name and birth date. Each and every person living has a different vibration as well as energy pattern.


"Know Thy Self"
With my help, you will have a better understanding about yourself and those around you.


Name Change Selection & Evaluation (½ hr - $65)
Your name has power. Changing your name due to your current or future marital status, changes you in terms of your personality and what your soul urges you to do in this life. I do an extensive numerical and astrological analysis to make sure your new name as a whole is balanced.

Relationship Evaluations (Compatibility Charts) (1 hr - $125)
Choosing the best possible partner for yourself can mean the difference between happiness, bitterness, sadness, regret and stress. The seed from which a relationship grows is called compatibility, all other aspects of the relationship sprouts from there. How compatible are you with the person you choose? I do an extensive numerical and astrological analysis of compatibility.


Wedding Day Selection & Evaluations (1 hr & 30 min - $200)
Choosing the right day for your significant life event can be time consuming and exhausting. Let the universe work in your favor for your marriage by allowing me to do a detail analysis of the day and time.


Risks & Opportunity Assessment (1 Week: 30 min - $75), (2 Weeks: 45 min - $100), (1 Month: 1 hr - $125)
Knowing what is ahead means greater success and less pit falls. Risk & Opportunity Assessments are the best way to define opportunity and limit risk.


Health & Wellness Evaluations (½ hr - $75)
Gives an overall view of your past, present & future health issues including strengths & challenges.


Real Estate Evaluations (½ hr - $75)
Selling your house at the right time is paramount in real estate. Using my astronumerical methods, I can help you select the right time to sell your home.


Readings: $75 1/2 hr, $100 3/4 hr, $125 1 hr
*Prep time is required prior to Readings for Evaluation


Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 - no emails, please.