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Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
A leader in the spirituality, wellness and conscious living community.


By Medium and Best-Selling Author


James Van Praagh will be coming to Atlanta in August 2012 for three events: August 11 -  Book Signing at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore – 1:30 pm; August, 13 – 17 Mastering Mediumship 5-Day Class; August 18 – Spirit Circle event – 7:00 – 10:00 pm.  Info and tickets available at


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I find myself inevitably walking through airports all over the world. As you are aware traveling is never easy on the body or the mind for that matter. I find the more I let it bother me, the worse the experience. About a year ago I watched a movie entitled "Up In The Air" starring George Clooney. The theme of this movie is how this man lives in the air, traveling from airport to airport. He does it so often he has a system down. He can get through security in a flash and can recognize passengers who will be holding up the line because they are not "prepared." He even knows all the air crews and TSA guards in the airports.


I was chuckling throughout the movie, because I am like that man flying in the air knowing TSA personnel, air staff and exactly what you can and cannot wear and pack. It's familiar, what can I say?


Funny, over these many years of waiting in countless lines and observing an array of human beings at their best and worst it becomes a microcosm of how all of us live on this earth and how we learn the difficult lesson of patience. We all like to feel we are in control of our world even though we really are not. All we can control are our thoughts and our reactions to situations and to others.


Throughout this classroom called earth we will repeatedly place ourselves in various situations for our soul to grow with particular lessons. So some of your soul's character you may have come back with this time is a sense of need for control; control for your world, your person, your family, your home. With that scenario you really are setting yourself up for many opportunities to present themselves to teach you patience. This can be in the form of patience with yourself, job, family or a goal.


Patience indeed is a virtue. I like to say patience is what makes the angels stay with us through lifetimes. How do you start to learn this human lesson? First look at your own life. Are you setting things up unrealistically? Do you realize that everything comes in its proper time and place when it is meant to be?

When we try to mentalize (overthink) we get in the way of the Universe's natural flow. When you worry so much about the outcome you might ruin it. Let go and let patient with yourself.

God always says "Yes!" Our out of control and impatient ego says "No!"


Try just for one day to release everything up to the Universe. You might be shocked how much faster things will materialize into your life with you out of the way.


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James Van Praagh is considered a pioneer of the mediumship movement throughout the world and has been recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today. He is a lecturer, teacher and unique intuitive as well as a celebrated author with best-selling books including Unfinished Business, Ghosts Among Us, Healing Grief, Reaching to Heaven and Talking to Heaven. In May 2011 James launched his newest book Growing Up in Heaven. James was the Co-Executive Producer of CBS’s number one drama, The Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. His incredible spirit messages and award-winning meditations have brought solace, peace, and spiritual insights, changing the view of both life and death for millions. He is now teaching his Mastering Mediumship 5-Day class throughout the U.S. and internationally. Class dates are available on his web site calendar. Many enjoy being part of the wonderful, supportive and caring online community on his web site at