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ErinMichael Finn

ErinMichael Finn















Conscious/Intuitive Channel & Pet Work
Clarity for action.

I believe that now is the perfect time for each individual to gain clarity so they may move into the life they desire. Our lives are so busy and complicated that it is difficult to get to the core of what we truly desire. Every relationship, situation and job triggers you emotionally, psychically and spiritually. And guess what? It’s constantly shifting and changing. So how can I help you understand what is happening in your life? And how can I assist you in navigating these challenges so you are living an aware and fulfilled life.


What I do.
I connect with your guides, angels or teachers and channel direct information. This information is not filtered through my opinions or judgments - it comes straight from Source. Clients come to me with questions regarding relationships, work, family situations, spirituality and even questions about their pets.

How I do it.
Twenty years of professional reading experience has fine tuned my intuitive channeling process. My spiritual team comes together with your guides and I am downloaded very much like a personal computer. I hear, see, feel and smell energy (equivalent to being in surround sound!). My body becomes a river of information flowing back to you through our mutual guides with knowledge designed to serve you.

What to expect.
Guidance that provides:

  • A fresh awareness of your situation

  • An overview of your problem or relationship with potential solutions

  • A strategy designed to address the obstacle as well as the deeper core issues

  • Options of choice or sometimes specific instructions to ‘do’ or ‘not to do’


Pet Work - Medium & Grief

Pets are often times a part of our spiritual support team. The answer to why they come into our lives filters down through the emotional, physical and spiritual planes. When a pet dies, we seek closure. I connect with the energy of pets that have crossed over to help the human client understand the depth and reason for the connection.

Pet Behavioral/Trauma

I specialize in working with rescued pets that have experienced the trauma of abuse, abandonment and neglect. When I work with the pet’s energy I identify (from the pet’s perspective) the relationship of trauma to healing. With ANY pet I will help to reveal the origins of behavioral issues and offer solutions and strategies.

Pricing: Fees: 1/2 hour: $75, 3/4 hour: $100, 1 hour: $125


Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 - no emails, please.