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Jackie Millspaugh

If you would like a reading with Damaris please call the Phoenix and Dragon at 404-255-5207.

Channel • Tarot • Energy Medicine Woman


Born into a bloodline of Prophetic Healers and Artist, I was taught early in life to respect spirits as well as know thy self. Combining both worlds has allowed me to grow gracefully as a grounded Intuitive and Seer.


My personal walk with spiritual family and guides over the years continues to blossom through my work as a successful Reader, Reiki Master, Energy -Worker, and Spiritual Counselor.


My services include:

  • Intuitive Reading (love, relationships, business)
  • Tarot
  • Chakra Reading and Alignment
  • Reiki
  • Mental, Spiritual and Physical Fitness
  • Dream work
  • Soul Reading


*What is Chakra Reading and Alignment?

With the client’s permission, I scan around and inside the body.
The scan will lead me to emotional history trapped inside of various energy centers
that causes blockage.


Together, the client and I discuss in depth and realistic solutions that will keep the chakras balanced after a re-alignment is performed.


* What is a Soul Reading?

I visit your soul’s past before coming into your current existence. From this snapshot, your purpose is revealed. We then look at your current status; if off track, we discuss remedies that may re align you with your original mission.


• What is "I Need A Boost"- $150. for 2 sessions
energy clearing and remedy session

This two session package is beneficial for those
who are experiencing: Fatigue, headaches, ear ringing,
moodiness, excessive bloating, blockages, confusion,
and unexplained physical challenges.

1st session (45mins): Intuitive Body Reading,
energy clearing and suggested remedies
2nd session (30 mins): follow up consultation, energy clearing.
Expect to feel: lighter, focused, positive, healthier and more in control of life.
**note* the follow-up must be scheduled within 30 days of first appointment.


"I have tried traditional boot camp programs and nothing compared to Free Soul Boot Camp. Lost weight, new job, healthy habits, inner peace and I was finally able to let go of disappointments from my past." -T. Washington



Regardless of the service, it is my mission to provide clarity and effective advice
that empowers and uplifts the soul on all levels.


May your ancestors and guides continue to bless and protect you. -Damaris


"The Sacred Bowl Ritual"

Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
When: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Cost: $75. for 30 min.
"The Sacred Bowl Ritual" is an aura cleansing session that removes stagnation trapped within the body's energetic field. A combination of Native American smudging, Reiki and other healing modalities relax the senses, restores vitality and increases daily optimism.
Although each session is personalized, the feedback is often the same; clients report feeling clear, energized, lighter, relieved and excited about moving forward in life.



- relieves stress
- regain clarity and focus
- sinus relief
- balance chakras (energy centers)
- increases 3rd eye vision
- removes blockages
- improves circulation
- reduces anxiety


Pricing:  Sessions are $75 for 1/2 hour, $100 3/4 hour and $125 for 1 hour

Call our store to book an appointment 404-255-5207 - no emails, please.