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Candace Zellner

Candace Zellner


I wanted to share my Near Death Experience with those you who have been inquiring about my health and wellbeing. Click to read















Channel, Mediumship, Spritiual Counseling
Access the Akashic Records

  • Channel
  • Past Lives
  • Relationships
  • Identifying Your Guides
  • Life Purpose and Direction
  • Crisis Consulting
  • Mediumship (by special appointment)

In 1991 Archangel Michael appeared to Candace. Shortly thereafter, Archangel Michael opened Candace’s heart and blessed her with the ability to channel. Throughout the years, he introduced her to many Ascended Masters and guides. Her God-given gifts allows her to access the Akashic Records; where each soul’s growth and evolution are recorded. These abilities allow Candace to assist you in your life's direction and path, relationship issues, and past lives that are influencing your present karma and life.

In 1995, Candace began working with the Elohim and was given the gift of mediumship (communicating with those who have crossed over). After receiving the gift of mediumship, she met and talked with the renowned author and medium James Van Praagh. When visiting Atlanta, James and his publicist generously support Candace by referring clients.

As an ordained minister and medium, Candace assists in bringing closure and peace to the loved ones left behind. Her talent as a medium was showcased in a FOX 5 TV special, “The Sixth Sense”. She also gave a lecture at West Georgia College on the phenomenon of Paranormal Psychology. Her work has been featured in several periodicals including Aquarius Magazine, 99Xpress, and Union Life.

Candace’s breakthrough article defining the soul mate relationship, “Soulmates and Uniting” was published in The New Times in Seattle, WA. She continued to be recognized for her insights and was later featured in the Marietta Daily Journal in their lifestyle section.

CNN invited Candace to appear on their news segment, "Exposing the New Phenomena of Psychics."... TBS honored Candace by featuring her on their morning show, “Interactive Atlanta”. CBS followed suit with a news special entitled, “Angels Among Us” where Candace was allowed to display her channeling abilities. Her gift of accessing past lives was showcased in Stephen Sakellarious’ documentary, “The Lives of Jeffrey Keane”. Candace defined two crucial lifetimes Mr. Keane had as a soldier of war.

After receiving her degrees from Southeastern Reiki Center as a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, and LA-HO-CHI facilitator, Candace recognized a need to validate the healing properties of directed energy. In 2002, she founded Healing Light Ministries, Inc. and began teaching others the power of energetic healing. Candace is also a strong believer in honoring Mother Earth and practicing the Native American ways of healing.

Most recently, Candace was recognized as one of America's top 35 psychics in Victoria Weston’s book, “Akashic Who’s Who of Psychics, Mediums, and Healers”. She was also acknowledged in Kent Boxberger’s book, “Accelerating Your Spirituality”.

In 2005, she co-hosted a metaphysical radio show with Don Simmons interviewing well known authors, healers, and psychics. Candace is featured in the book Talks with John 1997-2007 by Linelle, which describes her channelling sessions with John Denver. His message highlights the importance of our relationship with Mother Earth.

Candace is blessed by the continuous unconditional love she receives from her clients and her determination to serve.

1/2 hour is $75, 45 minutes is $100 and an hour is $125. Mediumship is $95


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