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Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore News
A leader in the spirituality, wellness and conscious living community.


Sacred Fire Foundation Community Group Presents:
Ancient Wisdom Rising

A Retreat to Ignite a Heart-Centered Way
Ancient Wisdom Rising brings traditional and indigenous wisdom keepers to Atlanta, Nov. 9-11

Turbulent times can feel overwhelming, but they can also inspire us to live differently.  Do you feel a shift coming? Are you ready for real change? 


Ancient Wisdom Rising catalyzes this moment of change into a deeper connection with your heart, your spirit, our Earth and our future.


This November retreat will introduce a new way of being that is just, sustainable, and full of joy and meaning. This new way is actually not so new. It's the old way, Nature's way, of living in relationship with the earth and sky, fire and water, plants and animals, family and community.


Once, we all lived in relationship with the sacredness alive in the world. We can again.


At Ancient Wisdom Rising, respected indigenous and traditional elders from the world's four directions will relate experiences and traditional knowledge during talks, ceremonies, stories and participatory workshops. We'll gather around our ritual fire, which will burn continuously from our ceremonial opening Friday morning, until we close Sunday evening.


“It's one thing to read that ‘everything is sacred,’ but it's quite another to experience it. This retreat is a unique opportunity to begin to experience your own innate connection with the living world. The elders, the fire, the teachings and your connection with others will help you move your understanding of ‘the web of life’ from an intellectual concept to a felt relationship,” explains Sharon Brown, executive director of Sacred Fire Foundation which presents the event.


In addition to time spent with the wisdom of the elders, you'll find opportunities for music, movement, drumming, meditation, time in nature and council circles that will enhance your connection with yourself and with others.  


Are you ready to go deeper in your relationship to the sacredness alive in the world?  Ancient Wisdom Rising serves the community of people who are ready to listen, learn and celebrate the change that is stirring in them and in the world.  Join us. Discover what it truly means to be a human being. 


Ancient Wisdom Rising -- November 9-11, 2012 at the Lodge at Simpsonwood, a retreat center surrounded by 227 acres of woodlands along the Chattahoochee River in Norcross, near Atlanta, GA. Registration fees include all meals and events. We encourage participants to stay with us onsite; lodging is available for an additional fee.
For more information and to register online visit



Sherry Boatright, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist, healer, and weather shaman. A love of indigenous traditions lead her to study in the early 1990’s with Native American elder Joseph Rael, and with his blessing she began to incorporate native healing practices into her work. She also studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan in 1997-1998. Pursuing a calling of the spirit, she was initiated in 1999 by Don Lucio Campos as a granicera (weather shaman and healer) in the Nahua tradition in the state of Morelos, Mexico. Sherry is an initiated Firekeeper for the Sacred Fire Community, and shares the fire with her community in the hill country of west Georgia, near Carrollton.