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Jackie Millspaugh

If you would like a reading with Jackie please call the Phoenix and Dragon at 404-255-5207.

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Lunar Eclipse 4 Aries 40
September 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm to March 23, 2016

By Jackie Millspaugh, pmafa
Phoenix and Dragon 404-255-5207

This Lunar Eclipse Super New Moon is extremely powerful and intense. It is in effect until the next Lunar Eclipse on March 23, 2016. As an astrologer doing predictive work for my clients, I consider the eclipses as being extremely important in producing events, changes and new beginnings. They show the big picture for your coming six month period.

Aries in the chart will always be a point of new beginnings. Here you are brave and you will have the courage to go after what you want. An eclipse in Aries encourages you to look at yourself and how you present yourself to the world through your appearance, work and health. This may be related to how you dress, the color of your hair, losing or gaining weight. Even your relationship status of being in a relationship or not changes how people view you. Now and for the coming six months it is a good time to update your wardrobe and hairstyle, change your activity level or add healthy foods to your diet.

The ruler of Aries (and the eclipse) is Mars at 1 Virgo. Virgo puts an emphasis on your work, co-workers, and/or employees, services you offer to others, how you manage your time, the people you hire such as your hair stylist, repairman, babysitter, and so on. During the coming six months it would be beneficial to organize your work area and add an additional service for your clients.
If your work is offering a service of some type or is directed at healing work, with Mars in Virgo, you may be tempted to change where you work or change what you do . This lunar eclipse doesn’t want you to stop doing what you are do or leave the place where you work but it is encouraging you to seek more perfection in what you do and tweek it to take what you do to the next level.

Virgo rules your health, diet, and your pets indicating a good time to put more energy into improving your health and the health of a pet. Review your diet, medications, supplements and activity level to see if you need to make adjustments Now is the time when you can find solutions to health issues both for yourself and your pets. Those with their Sun or Ascendant in Aries may be tempted to adopt a new pet.

This a very powerful eclipse where emotions and feelings run high. Issues may stem from low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, anger, fear, or insecurity. Avoid acting prematurely and jumping to conclusions.
My advice is make no major changes now. Wait a little while.
The inconjunct aspect between this Lunar Eclipse at 4 Aries to its ruler Mars at 1Virgo encourages you to:

1. Analyze your situation personally or professionally
2. Adjust how you are doing your work by adding something new—updating Regarding your health and physical well being you may need to pay more attention to the little things more than you have been by getting proper rest, exercise and nutrition.
3. Make a plan and execute it

So while the pot may have been stirred, use this energy as your power and a wake up call, showing you how to make things better. Difficult aspects such as an inconjunct, square or opposition contain lots of energy. Aries will energize you and give you courage to operate outside of your comfort zone. It can be like an evolutionary step forward for you. Aries with Mars in Virgo, is encouraging you to heal yourself, another or a relationship. It encourages you to seek perfection and become the Expert in some area of your work, to heal relationships there.and to examine your self and your actions or lack of action. If you have been feeling stuck on some level, this eclipse can set you free of self-imposed limitations. Pour yourself into healing and improving your life. Pay attention to the little things. Little things done well can make all the difference. Small gestures done from the heart create peace, love and understanding.

Changes are best made within your current situation rather than by walking away or giving up someone or something. For example, if you desire to move to a new location consider staying for now where you are at and make the changes in your existing home. Don’t quit your job but improve your quality of work and your relationships there. In a marriage you may desire to walk away . First see what can be done to improve that relationship. This eclipse is not so much about change as it is about making adjustments to improve the quality of where you are currently